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The company's main business:Lead plate,Aluminum coil,Embossed aluminum coil,Aluminum plate,Pattern aluminum plate,Aluminum ramp,Engaged in tianjin aluminum production and wholesale, etc,The company actively to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture,Forms the enterprise core competitiveness。“Good faith for this,Science and technology”,“Integrity is the brand of an enterprise,Innovation is the soul of the enterprise”Make the enterprise strong cohesion and team spirit。At present,The company is still in rapid growth,Efforts to achieve economies of scale through the industrialization of new technology,Create value for customers,To create wealth for the society。Welcome to learn more about website content,For further understanding for our long-term cooperation relations。We sincerely look forward to establish a good with you、Long-term relations of cooperation。 Warmly welcome the masses of customers order online。

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Aluminum factory which is good_Tianjin aluminum coil(Advice immediately)
Tianjin century hengfa sheng aluminum products co., LTD. Is a collection of processing、Manufacturing、Sales for the integration of modern aluminum processing enterprises,Mainly engaged in aluminum plate、Aluminum coil、Aluminum production and sales。Various models have inventory,Welcome to call to visit!For deformation of die hole。With graphic virtual node as the center of rotation,Make the right wing and leg whole clockwise4.5°,The left wing and leg rotating reference to this method as a whole,Narrowing the conventional design of opening size,The purpose of deformation。The final adjustment with good die parts work,The starting point of the belt size set to work,Still is to accelerate'Hat'At the top of the metal flow velocity,Slow down the leg and the metal flow velocity near the leg part,To the top at the bottom of the containment,Slow the trend of profile open expansion。Out of the mould moments for the profile,The advantage of the characteristics of profile open expansion,To achieve the requirements of the deformation meet the basic profile drawings。After using this approach,Equipped with special cushion ring behind still need in the mold。So in the process of extrusion,After the mold metal outflow,Its deformation also is limited by a die cushion and special ring channel accordingly,Squeeze the trial-manufacture the profiles of success。Through the mould design of prestressing,Lu: xingcai compared with the past,Good shape、Dimensional accuracy is easy to guarantee,Defects are well solved,Improved the mould computer qualified rate。With the development of the market economy,The aluminum product quality has been improved,So,Make all kinds of high quality material,Mold design will accumulate in the production、In the work experience,Continuous innovation and improve the mold design,To meet the need of production。